Lash extensions in Newmarket, Ely, Huntingdon, Cambridge, Peterborough

Its important to get your eyelashes done by professional eyelash technician!

Lash extensions have been a popular trend for ages and with the advancement of science and technology, these extensions have gotten more sophisticated and more common. Showbiz and fashion industry have always been the regular customers of lash extensions and now it is the favorite of all those people who want something long lasting and better than fake eyelashes. Lash extensions permanent can really enhance the beauty of the eyes and add more grace and grandeur. These lashes are dense, safe and can make a very attractive feature about a person. There are several myths that are needed to be clarified about this beautiful concept and several things to be known before getting them.


Before heading to a salon or a beautician you need to know what kind of lashes you need. There are three kinds of lash extensions available: synthetic, silk and mink. Each type varies with the cost and is available in a wide selection of sizes and colors. Go for the extension that comes under your budget and suits your style.


A lot of people have certain doubts over lash extensions and hesitate to trust the process as completely safe. Few people believe they can be damaging to eyes and one can go blind if something must go wrong in the process. This is not true. The process can be completely safe, ensured that the glue used is FDA approved and contains no formaldehyde. The beautician must be professionally trained from a college or training program. Your eyes shall be closed during the entire extension process and chances of glue getting into your eyes are very rare.


People who have extremely sensitive skin around the extension area are advised not to undergo the process as this can lead to the allergic reactions though the adhesive used is completely safe and skin friendly. Also there are chances that getting lash extensions repeatedly could result in breakage of hair due to constant pulling and can damage the hair follicles. Also, if the lashes are causing pain and irritation in the eye, resulting in frequent tears, you must immediately contact your esthetician.

How is it done and how does it work?

Lash extensions can be done easily and could be highly custom made too. You can pick the color, texture and length of your lash and it will be done accordingly. Each lash is dipped into the adhesive and bonded with your natural eyelash one at a time. This can take a few hours and safety is always a high priority. Frequent touch ups can enhance the beauty of these extensions and help the lashes to last longer.


Average life of lash extensions depends on how long can the adhesive hold the lashes together and well maintained the lashes will be. Frequent rubbing of eyes and too much exposure to water and oil-based makeup removers can also reduce their life requiring frequent touch ups. Excessive use of mascara can also wear down the adhesive.

Lash extensions are a boon to people with less dense natural eyelashes and people wishing for more. Lash extensions are safe and can add a sparkling difference to your eyes and your life!