beauty therapist – beautician at home

Old makeup brushes in holde

Holmes The world we live in is always on the move, so are we surprised that our beauty is too? Mobile beauty services are not as new as we think, back in the 50’s it was common for women to get all of their beauty supplies from a home beauty therapist. Whether is was makeup, hair, nails or skin care, these beauty consultants kept their clients up to date with the latest beauty regiments.

These days, however, there is much more access to these services. A home beauty therapist isn’t only making house calls to sell you a new lipstick. Specialty services such as waxing and gel nail technicians are now ready to travel with just a click of a mouse. These services are perfectly tailored to those who are unsure about trying something new or people who simply don’t have the time or means to travel to find it.
One of the most popular mobile beauty services these days are nail art technicians. This gives the client the freedom to enjoy a fresh manicure from the comfort of their home or often times a traveling salon, while also giving the nail artist the freedom to freelance their skills and reach a much wider audience. These technicians are no longer attached to salons and no longer need to rent out chairs for business. The most used mobile beauty service is makeup artist. Whether it be for a wedding event or just wanting to get extra spruced up for an evening out, these artists can come to you.
Finding these services is easier than you think, often times you can find a reputable home beauty therapist on social media. Many of them showcase their talents on Instagram so you can get a preview of their work before committing to their service. Much like food trucks who post their whereabouts that day on Twitter, these beauty professionals take to Twitter and Facebook to spread the word of where they can be found that day. These services aren’t only great for events but make a wonderful treat for parties and gifts. Think of how amazed mum would be if a esthetician showed up to give her a seaweed facial.
Keeping up with the ever changing beauty trends is easier than you think, in fact, they can show up right to your door. You would be surprised by the wide array of services that are offered. From massages to laser hair removal to something as simple as a formal updo, these mobile beauty techs have got you covered!