Beauty secrets of Hollywood Celebrities: eyelash extensions

14199425_1239517266079558_7707458717090894721_nBeautiful women who appear on the cover pages of fashion and glamor magazines, film stars and celebrities from the world of performing arts have one thing in common; they have beautiful eyes lined with thick dark lashes which curl upwards giving that awesome baby doll like look. Since only the elite celebrities seem to be having these beautiful eye lashes people tend to feel that only the rich and famous can afford this aspect of beauty and grace.



Perhaps long and thick eyelashes were the privilege of the rich and famous some years ago but not anymore. Eyelash extensions are now easily affordable and can be attached quickly and competently by trained experts in any good cheap eyelash extensions. These extensions could be made of synthetic hair like fiber or animal fur and are attached to the ends of natural lashes with medically inert glue. Once the glue is dried, the extension is fixed to the eyelash and will not come off even in the shower or while swimming.

As with anything else, these artificial cheap eyelash extensions need to be looked after well to ensure that last as long as possible. If well looked after with a little maintenance in the form of touchups every fortnight or so, these artificial eyelashes can last up to six weeks or more.

There are certain cares that one needs to take after getting full eyelash extensions so that their life is extended. Use of makeup that is cream based is not recommended at all since the fats of these cosmetics dissolve the adhesive that is used to extend the eyelashes. In fact, there is no need to use any other makeup for the eyes such as mascara and eyeliner or even curl your natural lashes as your extended eyelashes which you have got from best eyelash extensions Salons then; you will look so beautiful as not to need any more enhancements at all.

Another regard that must be taken is the use of face wash or creamy makeup remover. These cosmetics should not be brought close to eyelash extensions which will be damaged if they come in contact with it.

Commonly cheap eyelash extensions are made of silk or synthetic material such as plastic polymers, but some natural materials can be used here, and mink fur is the most preferred material that can be used in this application. Fine mink hair is light and delicate and can give a fuller and longer eyelashes. cheap eyelash extensions can be got at good eyelash salons in a short process and then your eyelashes can be compared to popular performers like Madonna or Beyonce Knowles.