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Our eyes express what we are and sometimes eye is the only tool we have at hand to get someone’s attention. Cheap eyelashes are the tools that give our eyes a magic hard to define and therefore always must try to emphasize them. But what do we do if we are faced with their loss?

Falling or thinning lashes has several causes, the most common being aging. Other causes include allergic health problems. Some women have a habit of rubbing their eyes often or shoot their lashes in moments of nervousness or boredom, leading in time to their thinning.

Allergies are often caused by products used in the eye makeup, and mascara, eye shadow, and eyeliner. They must be kept under maximum hygiene and must be changed periodically. Lashes often fall simply because we use mascara that is too old. Mascara should be replaced every three-six months to avoid such situations.
Hypothyroidism is a medical condition which sometimes leads to thinning eyelashes and hair on the entire body.

When lashes fall because we rub our eyes often should obviously give up the habit to give them a chance to regenerate. In a case of hypothyroidism, loss of eyelashes can be halted by medication prescribed by a specialist.

Like any other part of our body, eyelashes need proper care. There are things we can do at home to stimulate eyelash growth, one of which is to apply in evening castor or olive oil and rinse it with warm water in the morning.

We offer several beneficial remedies and recommendations for eyelashes care:

* To maintain a beautiful and healthy aspect of your lashes is required to clean them every night;

* Do not go to bed with false lashes applied on the eyelids, remove them by cleansing;

* In cases of spectacular makeup with cheap eyelashes, use special and fresh adhesives, otherwise natural lashes will suffer;

* Try to avoid cheap products, of which you have never heard of, and it is advisable to purchase products from a wide known brand;

* Bavaria Ginseng Eyelash Volumizer and Lengthener used at night acts as a tonic for lashes, helping to increase their strength and elasticity. It contains ginseng extract and peptides that create a protective film for cheap eyelashes that also stimulates recovery process.