Pedicure at home: Tips on how to do pedicure at home

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shellac mani and pedi


With all the daily hustle and activities, it’s almost impossible to remember to treat our feet. We will probably remember them the moment they start to stink or hurt or worse even when it’s already a bigger problem.



However, even with the ever rising cost of pedicure you will agree with me how uncomfortable one can get if your feet are an issue. Good thing the feet are quite accessible part of the body, and you can do a quick pedicure home service on yourself.

Below are 10 steps to do a self pedicure service.

1. Prepare by pulling up any leg pants to expose your leg from the knee down to the leg, and get a comfortable place to sit. The pedicure should be relaxing, thus the last thing you need is getting tired while at it.


2. Trim your nails if long and file them according to your nail bed shape. Don’t forget to leave a rounded edge at the corners.


3. Apply a cuticle cream to help loosen the cuticles, and wait for 7 minutes, as you buff your feet with a sturdy file, focusing on the heels and sides of the sole and edges of the toes.


4. Gently remove the cuticles with a cuticle remover, careful not to hurt yourself.


5. Next, soak your feet in warm soapy water for about 15 minutes and ensure the water is past your ankle upway. You can add a disinfectant solution if your soap doesn’t contain the component.


6. Use a soft brush and a piece of cloth to clean your foot, from the sole to the upper area almost near the knee. Focus between your toes, behind the ankle and on your nails.


7. Rinse your feet in clean warm water.


8. Dry your feet gently with a clean soft towel, taking special attention on the areas between your toes.


9. Apply a generous amount of feet moisturizer on your feet. As you do this, gently massage your whole foot, in a circular motion. Try fidgeting your toes to stretch them, and then extend your foot to stretch it.


10. You can apply a good nail polish color if you want or try colorless nail polish.


Having done this nice quick treatment on your feet, you can count on them to serve you more. Remember, the choice of shoe wear, goes a long way to keep your feet healthy. Choose the shoes that fit you right and you feel most comfortable in.

You can do this pedicure home service as frequently as you please but at least weekly.