Shellac nail manicure near me

Violet nail art with printed white bow

Shellac manicures have become a trendy beauty treatment for many. “Shellac” accurately describes the Creative Nail Design’s patented array of products. Shellac is thin enough to be applied like nail polish. However, it is cured using the UV light, which gives it flexibility and durability. What’s more, it has an exceptional shine that is only associated with gel nails.

Shellac has been found to be gentler on nails compared to the techniques used in applying fake nails. With shellac, no drilling is required, and the removal does not weaken your nails. Read on to know about the care of shellac nails.

Professional Application

Shellac nail polish and the equipment needed for a shellac manicure are only sold to licensed professionals. If you want the gel polish to be applied rightly, your best bet is to hire a trained shellac nail technician. Besides using the proper application procedure, the technician will also advise you on how to care for your shellac nails.


If you are about to do laundry, wash dishes or scrub floors, it is prudent to wear a pair of gloves, which protect your nails and skin. Wearing gloves, is particularly essential if you will be utilizing abrasive detergents or chemicals such as bleach. These products are likely to cause your shellac polish to chip.

Protecting your hands is as imperative when you are working as it is when you’re having fun. Swimming in a chlorinated pool or basking in the sun can cause weakening of shellac nails. As such, a shellac nail technician recommends washing and drying your hands thoroughly after being in a pool.


Ensuring that your skin stays moisturized is one of the strategies to extend the life of your shellac nails. You ought to use hand cream during daytime and richer cuticle oil before retiring to bed. The cuticle oil prevents your nails from flaking, which is caused by lack of moisture.


You should also add a layer of clear coating polish to your manicure. Manicurists recommend doing so on a weekly basis. The extra layer of polish protects your shellac nails from elements in the external environment. You need not pick or try to soak your nails in acetone remover. It weakens your nails and reduces the lifetime of the shellac manicure.


Although you can purchase at-home shellac polish kits, you are more likely to get a professional manicure experience at a nail salon. Typically, applying the gel polish requires the use of UV or LED lights. The technician is trained to apply, care for and remove shellac polish using the appropriate technology.