How to make your eyelashes longer

e4374750034d48b63df4a2995cb34e4bWant the look of long eyelashes? There is an extensive collection of false eyelashes can help you add the length to your natural eyelashes. If you’ve ever wondered how to make your lash hair appear healthy and shiny, apart from applying mascara, we have some must-have facts about lashes and must-do tips for ensuring luscious eyelashes.

Thoroughly Clean Lashes

Fake eyelashes care begins with a neat and clean face! A good regimen; Always wash your face before going to bed, this includes cleaning the entire eye area thoroughly, especially when wearing eye makeup.Eyelashes have been known to weigh down or break if the mascara is left on lashes overnight. Also, using a proper makeup remover, one that is specifically made for the eyes, will ensure best results. After all, not all makeup removers remove the toughest makeup thoroughly, especially waterproof mascara. Get in the habit of buying quality products; choose the best quality products to get the best, most effective results!

Be Gentle with Your Eyes

A bad habit to start and one to avoid; is rubbing the eyes. The base of our lashes are delicate and can break even with just a little force. Even more, rubbing of the eye area can offer a threat to your health. As you touch or hold all sorts of things, hands can become contaminated and carry germs, which can spread when you rub the most delicate areas of your face, such as your eyes, and can lead to an infection. A good habit; if you must touch your eye area, wash your hands thoroughly or use a sterilized tool, such as a tweezer for application of fake eyelashes.

Moisturize The Lashes

Just like your skin and hair, your lashes also need to be moisturized to make them healthy and strong. To achieve this, begin by using a cotton swab or a clean eyelash brush to apply petroleum jelly on your clean eyelashes. Your finger tips can also be used for this purpose; if your hands are clean! Keep in mind: If your hands are dirty, oils and dirt particles may be transferred to the lashes and may be sealed by the jelly, causing a high level of eye irritations. If there is excess petroleum jelly on your lash line, make sure to wipe off the extra amount to avoid any skin related hazards or irritations.

Whether you want drama or a more natural look, there’s a type of false eyelash out there for everybody. Even if you have sensitive eyes, you can make your eyelashes look their best.