eyelash technician job description

13912614_1817417648491682_4020475379112841380_nBecoming an eyelash technician can be a great way to earn a living or it can be used to supplement an existing beautician or other beauty treatment service. The technique is relatively simple to learn and you can take courses to help ensure that you understand everything you need to know about the process. Once you have studied and become a qualified eyelash technician you will then need to buy the equipment, including applications kits and semi permanent lashes so that you can set up your own business.

The first stage to becoming an eyelash technician is to take the most appropriate course available. Courses will usually include both theory and practical elements with the latter in the shape of case studies. You will even cover elements like insurance and marketing techniques for your extension business. Eyelash extensions can cost around £100 a time to be applied by a professional technician so the cost of a course can quickly pay for itself once you are qualified and ready to go.

An eyelash extension kit is a great way to start your new business and it can be used for applying semi permanent eyelashes in a salon or a home environment. You can also buy marketing goods to help you sell your business and make you more profit. If you do intend to travel in order to offer home extension services then you should look for suitable equipment to carry all of your kit as well.

The semi permanent eyelashes themselves are obviously important. You will need to find a reputable and reliable supplier that offers a good range of semi permanent eyelashes. There are numerous lengths and styles available and different clients will often have different demands rather than all wanting the same extensions applying to their lashes.

Applying eyelash extensions can provide a great business opportunity. Whether you are looking to add extensions to an existing list of services and products or you want to set up as a mobile eyelash technician you should start with the appropriate course before buying and applying semi permanent eyelashes. You can even learn to market your business and discover the types of insurance that you should take out for your new business venture.

Unlike what most people think, the process is relatively trouble free. One just have to shut their eyes and be comfortable for the specially trained specialist to apply the extensions with great precision and talent. After the eyes are opened, women will definitely be surprised by the makeover. Even though the procedure takes a significant amount of time, Vancouver eyelash extensions are definitely worth it. The secret to its authentic look is that the extensions are put on the natural eyelash itself. Thus, the lash extensions once connected to the authentic lash correctly stay on as long as the real hair. The cycle of person’s hair development consequently decides how long the lashes would stay on, whether its after three days or three months. Moreover, the lash extensions do not come in contact with the skin or obstruct the development of the natural hair. Once the natural eyelash falls, the extension falls with it.