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Lilac nail art with printed flowers on light background
Lilac nail art with printed flowers by Katie nail technician at Instabeauty

Lets see what Instabeauty professional Nail Technician Katie says:

We live in a time where you can get anything at your fingertips, and beauty fanatics are wondering why they can’t apply this to their beauty routines? Mobile shellac nails are trending right now because they are an easy service to add into your everyday life. There is always that stress of finding a good nail salon when you need to get your latest manicure, and these services give you peace of mind. I can’t tell you how many times I have been at a friend’s flat and didn’t know where there was a salon in the area. You don’t want just anyone to touch your nails, because you can’t trust that they will do a good job. So, why don’t you just get the experts to come to you?

We’ve all heard about these home services that begin for event planning, like weddings and other formal occasions. You would have a party at your home and a beauty specialist would come to your location to help you get ready for your event. This was a godsend for bridal parties because they could relax in their hotel or home before their big day which cut down on their stress and added more of a personal experience.
Beauty enthusiasts are now enjoying beauty therapists coming into their homes to perform all kind of beauty services. There are full service specialists that can apply makeup, blow out hair, apply lashes, and do your nails. A mobile shellac nail service offers you an amazing manicure in the comfort of your home, your friend’s place, or even your hotel. Shellac nails are one of the best investments in your beauty routine because the manicures last so much longer than traditional polish. With in-home service, you can guarantee the level of your service, and enjoy not having to spend time with everyone else at the nail salon.
The beauty industry is adapting to suit clients’ needs, and it seems like mobile beauty services are going to replace salon services in the future. There is just a personalization of service that can’t be felt when you are in a salon versus getting services done at your home. In fact, this is why so many women choose to go get their hair done at their beautician’s house, rather than having to wait it out at the salon. Leading beauty services have adapted these ideas and developed them into the mobile beauty services that you see today. If you are interested in stress free, professional, and affordable beauty services you should contact an Instabeauty in-home beauty therapist today!


Written by Katie – Instabeauty Katie nail tech