natural nails near me

Beautiful fingers with french manicure on the towel.
Beautiful fingers with french manicure by Insta beauty cambridgeshire nails

In our increasing fast paced world it is becoming harder and harder to find the time needed in order to keep up appearances. This is a frustrating situation, as appearances seem to be more and more important. As if these complications were not enough, many beauty products are found to have toxic and unhealthy chemicals. With all these barriers preventing you from looking and feeling your best, what are you to do? 


Thankfully there are now new services and solutions to the modern problems that prevent us from taking care of ourselves. For one thing, there are new techniques and products that seek to provide great looks without having to resort to toxic products. One great example of newer, safer, beauty processes is having your nails done by a natural nail technician. Natural nail technicians provide services for nails without resorting to harsh chemicals or artificial nails. This is important as artificial nails can trap moisture and result in mold and fungus growing on the nails. Nail fungus can lead to painful infections, unsightly nails, and off putting smells. These are only the tip of the complications that can come from using artificial nails.

The harsh chemicals that are needed to strip and apply artificial nails include things like formaldehyde, and have not been sufficiently studied and could come with unknown health consequences. While we all pay a price for beauty, it is not worth risking your long term health to have nails, especially when you consider the other complications and problems that artificial nails can cause.

Another risk of artificial nails is allergic reaction. Allergic reaction to acrylic nails can result in thinning of the nail beds, increased sensitivity and tremendous pain. Even worse, the symptoms of these sorts of allergic reactions can take up to a year to heal, meaning one whole year of sensitive, aching fingertips.

All of this sounds probably sounds great, but where can you find the time to see any nail technician, much less a natural nail technician. Well there are now new services to help you stay beautiful even when you are pressed for time. Whether you are stuck at home, the office, or somewhere in between, mobile beauty services that provide natural nail technicians can help your nails stay healthy and beautiful. The way that mobile beauty services work is that you make an appointment and then the salon comes to your door. With the convenience of mobile beauty, there is no need to ever visit the salon again, and why would you when the salon can just come to you?