All About Eyelash Extensions And How To Apply Them

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Eyelash extensions have been used and held as a fairly well-kept secret throughout the film industry and celebrity world for ages. However, these days, they are increasingly becoming more popular amongst the everyday individual as well. As a result, many are finding that more options are becoming available when in regards to style, colour, length and so forth, adding even more versatility for wearers.

Extensions are an excellent way to get a look that’s versatile enough to meet everyday occasions to ones that are more formal. However, they can also provide a look that’s one’s own, while adding a hint of drama and depth at the same time. Thanks to the increase of technology, they are also quickly becoming more realistic-looking, ensuring a great look that’s fun, functional and classic all at once.

What draws many to artificial eyelashes is the fact that they can give a person’s appearance further dimension, but in a manner that’s sexy and complementing to their actual features. They’re wonderful for helping to accentuate the eyes for a sultry evening look, but they can also be something that can give further depth to someone who may have sparse-looking eyelashes naturally, which mascaras alone may not be able to assist with.

Despite the dramatic look that false eyelashes can give, many people are actually intimidated by using them. This is generally due to them being somewhat tricky to apply at first, but one can soon become adept enough at it with a little time, patience and practise.

What many people are unaware of is that there are actually several different types of lashes that one can use, which can result in a different look or means for application. Therefore, should you be deciding to use any, it’s good to know what types are available out there, how they’re applied and so forth, so that you can determine the best choice to go with.

One type of extension that many find fairly easy to apply and to do so quickly, would be what is known as strip extensions. These are great for obtaining a dramatic evening look, but they’re quick to apply as well. There are also separate flares, which take a little more skill, but can give a slightly more natural and defined look, being capable for partial or full extension. Individual extensions are often what people see in mascara advertisements, due to the fact that they are individually applied to natural lashes, giving a more tailored, longer, fuller and realistic looking appearance.

Regardless of the application that’s necessary for each type of extension, it’s often required that you trim the lashes before applying. This can typically be done by yourself or through a professional. It’s also often suggested to use an eyeliner in order to provide yourself a guide for placing the extension. Using tweezers is often recommend, as well as placing the eyelash glue on your hand for easy application. However, it’s important to make sure that you start from the outer edge of your eye then inward.

It’s also important to add mascara after any eyelash application in order to get a proper look. Many prefer to use a defining type to help separate things by coating the eyelash extensions on each side. Lastly, since they can typically be used later, it’s good to make sure that they’re thoroughly cleaned after each removal. Many remove them by using a cotton swab and makeup remover.