nail salon on wheels

Beautiful young female hairstylist is working in salon

If you have heard about “food on wheels” then “nail salon on wheels” should come as no surprise to you. If you could get a truck roll up to the corner around your home offering hot dogs and chicken sandwiches, then the idea of a mobile nail salon on wheels should not be much of a shock to you. 

It really is an interesting phenomenon, the notion that beauty service providers are going out of their way to add value to their services by carving a niche for themselves with the service on wheels trend. A few years ago, it would not have been thought possible that a van customized to cater to clients requiring manicures and pedicures would be found parked on the corner of a children’s play ground on an area with high traffic but today, it is so.

What’s advantageous about this trend is that it caters to busy life style of the 21st century woman who has to juggle a dozen portfolios at work and then run home to take care of the family, often times leaving no time in between to take a trip to the beauty salon. Now the executive female boss can step outside her office during her lunch break and right into the waiting arms of professional nail technicians who are eagerly waiting to provide her with luxurious service and all at her own convenience.

What’s more, you would find that a lot of young ladies are taking advantage of the nails on wheels trend by organizing a “pampering day” and getting the mobile nail service to cater to their needs. What could be more fabulous than a pretty pink truck parked with nail experts waiting to cater to your every need? One also need not worry about smudges or spills because the vehicle never moves while it’s in service. One could invite nails on wheels to one’s bridal shower, baby shower, parties and even corporate events. This way not only can the clients save time and energy but they serve money as well because there is the common saying that “time is money” but asides that, you would find that the rates are significantly lower.

Residents in Cambridge area could see themselves lining up for some acrylics, basic manicures and even gel manicures with timeline for procedures ranging from 30 minutes to 1 hour depending on the service required. Whatever the case, one thing is certain, nails on wheels would be around for a very long time.