Mink Eyelash Extensions for an Attractive Look

Eyelash extensions are great for adding length and thickness to a woman’s eye lashes. When women want a more extravagant look to their eyelashes, that mascara cannot


give, they will opt to get individual lash extensions. The extensions give a more natural and appealing look that is not possible with make up or false lashes. They have grown in popularity, first making the scene at the award shows, worn by popular celebrities.

Eyelash extensions are put on by salon technicians that specialize in this beauty treatment. There are two choices for these extensions; permanent or semi permanent lashes. Semi-permanent lashes do last a long time but not as long as permanent lasts. You can expect to have them for at least three weeks before they need replacing. Eyelash extensions cost more than purchasing mascara or false eyelashes.

This eye-enhancing beauty choice is available in many different styles. Women have the option of how thick and long they want the lashes to be. There are also high end choices, such as mink lashes, which are popular among celebrities and wealthy clients. The extensions draw out a woman’s eyes making them the focal part of the face. They offer a beautiful and natural look to the eyes that gives a certain glamour to a woman’s overall appearance.

Some women wear them everyday while others choose to wear them only on special occasions. The eyelash extensions are made from curved synthetic eyelashes that come in strands. The salon specialist will apply the extensions to each individual eyelash. For a more subtle and natural look, women will go for thinner and shorter lashes. And alternatively, for a more dramatic look, they will go longer and thicker.

One of the advantages of eyelash extensions is that they can be worn in a number of situations. They can be worn while swimming, showering and bathing. The lashes are made not to come off in the water. The extensions will also not come off with working out. Wearing makeup such mascara can be a problem during heavy exercise but this is not a problem with the extensions. Women can also sleep in these extensions, they are very flexible unlike the store brought options.

The length that the eyelash extensions last will depend on how fast the person’s eyelashes grow. They will normally have to be replaced every three months but this will vary. For individuals that grow and shed lashes on a faster pace, they will require more frequent touch ups and replacements. In order to keep them looking good and natural, they will have to be properly taken care of.

The use of mascara is no longer necessary while wearing eyelash extensions. But some women choose to still apply mascara on the eyelash extensions but this is not necessary. The extension are best worn without any makeup being added to them. This will preserve the life of the lashes.

Eyelash extensions are a wonderful way for women to achieve a new look that accentuates their overall look. The application and design of the lashes are much more expensive than going with regular cosmetics.