Cheap fake eyelashes

Women always want big black eyelashes, It make them look beautiful, But unfortunately due to family genes or some other natural reasons, Most of women have small and light eyelashes. And due to disorders like hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism eye lashes tend to fall out, as for which women use fake eyelashes and they are made up of different material like Plastic, polymers etc.These eyelashes are big, black and come in different sizes. These false eyelashes stick along with our real eyelashes with help of FDA approved adhesive with a stronger bond, which is provided with pack of eyelashes. This glue is not harmful to your eyes and they are easy to remove. But the glue provided with in the pack is not waterproof, It is likely to get snapped or come off very easily.

It is best to avoid your lashes from getting in contact with water. They give a intense look to the eyes and the face looks attractive. They also come in different colors, styles and sizes. So before buying them check the size of the pack according to your eyes shape and length. These lashes are used by celebrities and also common people all around the world on daily basis. This particular feature of having big, thick and dark eye lashes beautify the women even more. there are lots of companies who are selling these eyelashes both at stores and on internet and making big bucks. These lashes are made with different qualities of materials for targeting people from every class in the economy so that people are provided with different range of eye lashes with different prices, leaving no potential customer.

Using every beauty modification products may have it’s own pros and cons. And fake eyelashes have its own side effects such as allergic and adverse reactions to skin and eyes due to the use of adhesive which may cause the eyelids to swell and also cause redness of the eyes, It comes with hygiene risk as they may trap dirt & bacteria and they may also damage natural lashes due to improper attachment of fake lashes which may cause damage to the hair follicles and stopping the eyelash growth temporarily or permanently. The person wearing eyelashes must be conscious, aware and always keep in mind to avoid improper use as it may lead to side effects and damage their lashes, To avoid that they may also opt for mascara instead of using eye lashes.