Mink eyelash extensions cambridge


People with naturally long and thick eyelashes just seem so lucky, especially because they have nothing to worry about when it comes to improving their lashes–there’s no need to use lash conditioners, eyelash extensions, or use oils to help nourish them and make them healthier. If your own lashes are just a little too short, if they’re thin, or if they’re practically non-existent, then you might have probably been trying to figure out how you can make them look longer and much more lush.



One of the easiest ways for you to improve your lashes is by applying castor oil or olive oil every night. These can help you nourish your lashes, making them healthier and much more flexible, thus ensuring that they won’t fall out. Keep in mind that this method will not make your lashes grow out more quickly, but serves mainly to keep them strong and less prone to falling off. Petroleum jelly is another alternative.

Of course, you can always get long eyelashes the artificial way: with help from eyelash extensions. False eyelashes are quite common now and you can find plenty of these which are of great quality. Just make sure that the glue used to attach them are safe for the eyes; you certainly don’t want to get long eyelashes at the expense of your eyes’ and skin’s health. Alternatively, a professional at your favorite salon could also apply false eyelashes for you; there are also many places nowadays that specialize in the application of eyelash extensions.

Using eyelash conditioners can also be a good idea. There are many of these nowadays and they also double as mascaras, so you get a beauty product and an eyelash enhancer in one. Make sure to find a conditioner that contains nutrients and vitamins; using them can infuse the nutrients directly into your lashes, promoting growth and health.

The important thing, apart from eyelash length, is that your lashes are healthy. Keep any irritating substances away from your eyes and always refrain from rubbing your eyes; these can cause your lashes to fall out. Make sure to always choose products with good, effective ingredients that don’t pose risks to your eyes and your skin. If you notice any irritation or dryness around your eyes, you can ask your doctor for some advice and medication; any skin condition you might have that affect the skin on your eyes could be causing the lack of eyelash growth you are experiencing.