Manicure and Pedicure Cambridge

Woman hands and feet with french manicure
Hands and feet with french manicure by Instabeauty

 Forget about having to visit a beauty salon each time you need to have your nails done, you can now enjoy nail care services right in the comfort of your own home. Our salon provides in home pedicure service to interested clients. We serve clients within Cambridge and surrounding regions such as Cambridgeshire, Huntington, and others.

Why choose in home pedicure service?

When you choose to have your nails done at home, you will be doing yourself a lot of justice. You will first of all be in a warm and familiar environment where you can just relax and enjoy the services. This is unlike being a salon and beauty spa where you’re among unfamiliar faces and may not be all that comfortable. You have to carry out yourself in a certain manner at the salon whereas at home you’re free to just be yourself. You can even have your nails worked while you’re wearing your pajamas.

Having an in home pedicure service will also save you from the agony of making a trip to the salontsalon. There are many challenges you may encounter in your bid to go to the salon such as heavy traffic and bad weather. Besides, sometimes you may be feeling tired or just not in the mood to go out. Imagine how nice it would be to have our nail artists come right to your doorstep.

Apart from comfort and not having to make a trip to the salon, in house nail care also enables you experience convenience. You can arrange the pedicure session to fit with your schedule and duties. You can even conveniently do things like taking care of your children when you choose this kind of service.

In addition to everything, having your nails done at home will enable you experience personalised and high quality service. Lets face it, the salon usually has a number of clients who all need to be attended to. The nails techs cannot therefore get to spend a lot of time with you as they need to hurry on to the next customer. In your home however, you are just alone and hence the nail artist can spend as much time attending to you as possible. There will be enough time to even correct any mistake plus you will also get to direct the tech on how you wish to have your nails done.

Choose our services

We welcome you to choose our in house nail care service today if you are anywhere within and around Cambridge. We provide an array of mobile beauty services, not just pedicure alone. You can contact us for any kind of beauty service.

You can reach us on phone to have your nails attended to at home. We are always available on phone and respond very promptly to clients’ needs. You only need to give us your address and we will show up before you know it. You can alternatively book our services in advance. In fact this is the most recommendable thing to do as it allows enough time for both parties to prepare.

Call INSTABEAUTY today and enjoy our high quality and affordable services. We will bring the spa right to your living room! CALL US NOW