False Eyelash Extensions for Hollywood Beautiful Eyes

False Eyelash Extensions for Beautiful Eyes

They say the eyes are the window to our souls, and these days, women are going for false eyelash extensions in a big way for beautiful, sexy eyes! In Hollywood, celebrities like J-Lo and Madonna’s cost thousands! Alicia Keyes had her false eyelash extensions made of feathers, and Beyonce’s are studded with diamonds! The good news is today’s false eyelash extensions are relatively inexpensive, semi-permanent, and available for anyone who wants to create a little mystery!

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The eyelash extensions are made of either genuine human hair or strands developed with artificial polyester strands. The extensions come in varying lengths, tints and breadth. On the other hand, black lashes are absolutely the most accepted. Ladies choose them over faux eyelashes because these stay on longer and look extra true. Ladies would especially be keen on its little retouch feature. The lashes are water resistant and as a result it can be used while rest, and even while bathing. Nowadays ladies can enjoy and be preoccupied in their everyday routine with no continual apprehension regarding their lashes.

Where to go for false eyelash extensions

Since you want your lashes to look as real and natural as possible, it’s important to visit a trained cosmetologist, beautician, or esthetician who is experienced in applying the extensions. In most cities, professional eyelash extension services can be found at med spas, beauty spas, and even some dermatologist offices. Make sure the person who applies the false lashes has gone through a specific eyelash training program and has received some sort of certification.

How are false eyelashes applied?

Unlike fake eyelashes, which are glued on and can fall off from sweat or tears, today’s false eyelash extensions are semi-permanent, and stay on, even in bad weather! False eyelashes are applied through special, adhesive bonding, which is layered onto each individual lash. Since the adhesive bond is so strong, the false eyelashes look natural and feel completely real! It usually takes about an hour or so for the initial application, as the technician will need to spend about 30 to 40 minuets on each eye. Since the false lash is applied to your own natural eyelashes, you will need to have touch ups every few weeks for upkeep and freshness.

What’s the advantage of having false eyelash extensions applied?

Why spend hours in the mirror, applying cheap, fake lashes that will cause unwanted embarrassment? Since you want your thicker, longer, weightless lashes that are natural looking, professional eyelash extensions are your best bet and are virtually maintenance free! The specialist who applies your lashes can match your new lashes to your own skin and hair, and eye color, and makes sure your lashes blend in perfectly with your facial features.