Best Fake Eyelashes

best fake eyelashes

To start with let’s explore what an eye lash is and its roles. The hairs that grow at the end of an eyelid are called eye lashes. These hairs acts as guard to the eye against any debris and provides vital warning when any object is near the eye. So what are fake eye lashes or falsies? Fake eyelashes are applied in similar positions as the natural one for purposes different from the original. This is done with the intent to beautify the bearer. And as they say they make your eyes pop hence making your appearance beautiful or glamorous. Applying eye lashes causes a lot of pain, similar to the one felt when taking them off. And for this reasons let me take you through the best fake eye lashes, so that as you go shopping for some you will get you selection right. Choose depending on the shape of your eye to avoid looking like a moron.

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There are many different types of false lashes tailored to fit varying specifications, all you need to know is how to work with them. The list below takes through some of the best falsies you can find in the market and their corresponding prices.

1. Ardell demi wispies, goes for 12.5 GBP only.

If you are after adding some heft to your lashes without adding any extra weight this made for you.

2. Ardell double up 203 retails at 9.99 GBP.

These are black fake eyelashes made for those beauties who would want intense fullness in terms of their eyes appearance.

3. Alcone 386, 5.55 GBP

If you are looking for fake lashes that are completely feathery yet minimal here you go. This is a delicate strip with clusters of lashes positioned evenly apart.

4. Ardell individuals, 6.99 GBP

These are flare short black falsies, the best thing with them your look is never ruined even if you lose a cluster or two.

5. Velour lashes, 40 GBP

These are fluffy and you only go for them if you don’t mind weight. They are best for various special occasions not always.

6. Mac 33 lash, 20 GBP

Attention is brought the center of the eye due to its tapered clusters; furthermore they are nearly unrecognizable because of the lashes band.

7. Ardell 318, 6.25 GBP

These are nice half lashes that make your eyes look larger.

8. Kristy faux lashes, 30 GBP

If you are lash less consider these falsies from thrive caustics-founded by Karissa Bodnar. These lashes have a curve that hugs the eyelid meant to lure women with or without lashes.


To look fit for every occasion always gather enough information about falsies. Take into account the shape of your natural lashes and remember to select lashes that fit you best.