Acrylic Gel Nails at home

Women have whole lot of options when they visit the salon to get their nails done. If you’re thinking of nail enhancements, you may be asked whether you want gel or acrylic nails applied. Before you make your mind, here’s what you need to know.

Treatments such as false nails, extensions, natural nail ovelays, enhancements can be compleately making a change to your handsapearance,making it more feminant and elegant. Nail extensions have changed a lot, compare since the first ones were available. There are new brands and products now available and a various of different techniques. The products used dry in UV or LED Light lamps, Liquid and powder systems, nail wraps, foils and non uv light gel nails lamps. They are all familliar as contain similarities, however they do create slightly different looks and have different technique or application mettods.

The three basic types are known as:

Natural nail overlays on a natural nails
Acrylic or Gel on the nail tips
Sculptured nails on a sculpted forms

List of nail services

Professional products got to be applied by trained professional as it takes a long expierence to apply it correctly. Some nail products can be more friendly to the natural nail plate than others. Lower price treatments may use less expensive products which require rougher treatment of the natural nail plate.
High quality service and products will cost but this will be worth it in the long term. It is essential to listen to the advice given to you for home care and it must be understood that the regular maintenance treatments help to lengthen the life of the natural nails as well as prevent from the risk of infection or future problems.

Nail extensions require non acetone nail polish remover becouse acetone will remove the surface of the nail product applied in the nail. It is recommended to wear  gloves when doing household work, gardening, cleaning or washing up and etc,…to protect the natural nails from unnecessary knocks, watter damage and stress.

Tips and Overlays

Tips are applied to the nail plate by nail adhesive. There are many different shapes colors and thickness available to suit every client needs. To match the tip to the nail shape is important as the tip will not hold if there are any bubbles (if not enough adhesive) or spaces. Glue/adhesive is sensitive to water and clients should be aware that wetting of the hands unnecessarily might shorten the life of the nail extensions and tips.

Tips are buffed into the natural nail plate to make it nice and smooth. Overlays are often applied to strengthen the tip and prolong the life of the fake nail.

UV gel nails

These are the most popular. The original type were not so successful, however now they hav proven to be much more healthy warebale classy and effective. UV Gels or LED Gels may be used directly onto the natural nail without the application of a tip. Gels can also be used to fix broken or split nails. Most popular shellac manicure og gel polish manicure are a fairly straight forward application. Removal is fast and not as damaging as no files used on a natural nails.

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