Gel shellac manicure


Shellac nail art Manicure

There’s nothing as bad as than leaving the nail technician only to put a dent in your freshly painted nails at the minute you look through your handbag. That was one of the reasons why gel shellac manicures boomed instatntly: They’re fast applied, very practical, high shine and won’t chipp for at least two weeks!

The best part about shellac manicures is they long lasting. If you have a plans of events coming up back to back like prom, work, interviews, and family holidays, gel nails can be the ideal solution because they last about twoto three  weeks with no smudgeing or chipping! Keep in mind, thought, that how long they last does depend on your body chemistry, the product itself, and what technique it’s been applied. But howeverhow long your manicure will last, you will love your nails throughout full two weeks.

Both gel polish and shellac are long lasting manicure options. Each of them use UV light or led light to dry the polish, and require acetone to remove them. Shellac is CND company brand while gel polishes can varry through diferent companies, theres millions different names. Howether, both are going to give you smooth, beautiful, and long wear results.

LED lamps  became more popular than UV as it do not induce cancer nor do they cause premature aging like UV rays do. Although your gel manicure might not last as long as when cured with a UV lightt. Always ask your nail technician if LED is an option! LED light cures in seconds that means your shellac or gel manicure will be quick and effective.

It’s very important that the surrounding skin and cuticle, as well as the nail plate itself, be rehydrated with a cutticle oil, after the soak in an acetone in order to moisturise and repair the skin, cuticle, and nails.

Some advice to keep your gel nails last longer:

  • Avoid doing jobs that are rough on your hands, that can include as household work, cleaning, gardening and any other tough hobbies. If you do so at least, protect your hands and nails with a pair of gloves – it will make a difference wearring glovs to protect your nails.
  • Do not use your nails as a tools pick or pull – even if it has chipped. You could damage your natural nail plate.  Ring the salon for advice.
  • Buy a good cuticle oil and rub it into your nails at least twice a day.
  • Invest in a good brand hand and body lotion and use it daily.
  • Ask your nail technician at Instabeauty to remove your gel polish or buy a gel removal kit if you want to remove your gel polish yourself at home.