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Need some Nail Art inspiration? Get ready for some manicure magic as Instabeauty brings you the hottest nail designs, paterns, colors and creations from celebrities, beauty brands and the catwalks.


InstaBeauty offers from a simple nail art to an advanced nail art designs. You can choose from a glitter, dazzlings, tapes, swarovski stones, tape feathers and so many incredible products that you will absolutely love to try. Instabeauty believes the more options their clients have the more likely that they will feel they can adequately express themselves through their nails. And this is what Instabeauty is all about – making sure their client always happy and satisfied with the service they get.



Here are some of your questions we have answers for:

What colors look best on nail designs?

  • The best colors for nail designs depends on skin tone, current season, wordrobe, special events or just choosing colors that complement one another. For designs that are more striking – consider contrasting colors such as black and white. For a softer look – use pastel nail colors. There are an unlimited amount of nail colors and design combinations, so there is no wrong answer when it comes to picking colors for designs. Designs meant for a special event or holidays can use related colors, such as red and green for Christmas, or black and orange for Halloween. Choosing more muted colors may be an option for those who want to stay on the more conservative side, while choosing bright and contrasting colors is a great way to showcase creativity.

What are some easy nail design ideas?

  • Nail art can be as simple as alternating colors,using special effect polishes, applying decals and creating stripes or polka dots. Adding nail gems or using an artist’s paintbrushes creates even more options for nail designs.

What is embedded nail art?

  • Embedded nail art most of the time is performed on a fake nails, nail extensions. Can be embedded:stones, dried flowers, glitters, 3D designs, acrylic colors, feathers, paper, pictures  and many more… With an emmbeded design nails can grow and the design ca be filled in at the cutticle area when doing nail maintenance.

What is 3D nail art?

  • 3D Nail art is three-dimensional artwork created on the fingernails. Typically, the design is created on fake nails, but can be done on a natural nails too. To create the designs, the nail technician uses colored acrylic  and acrylic monnomer which dries in air or hard colored gel which dries in uv light lamp to create different patterns or sculptures which comes out from the nail creating 3D look.  Flowers are one of the most common 3D nail art creations, the petals and leaves.

5 Tips to make your nail art stay longer:

 1. Choose a comfortable nail length

Choose a length for your nails that allows you to comfortably do any activity while avoiding breakage. A chipped nail can sometimes be a painful experience. If you play an instrument or your job involves a lot of typing on the keyboard, a shorter nail length is the way to go. Avoid going too long

2. Choose a quality polish

You cannot possibly expect your nail polish to be long lasting if you opt for cheap nail paintsand cheap nail salons. Do not randomly go to cheapest nail place and excpect magic. Go to a proper nail technician whos got a diffrent choice of a proffesional brands, then pick your colour.

3. Use cuticle oil

After the day nail art has been done. This will prevent watter getting into your nails and softening edges making them to lift and lift the polish.

4. Apply top coat polish

Apply top coat polish on the free edge (nailends) 3 days after nailart manicure has been performed.

5. Avoid watter and metal

Watter and metal is the worst enemies of nail art

Instabeauty Gallery for some inspiration:


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