Mobile Beauty Parlour In The 21st Century

The 21st century brought with it a change in the way businesses were run; there seems to be a trend of people spending more time at work and less time involved in family or recreational activities. As a result of this, making a trip to the spa or salon would require noting it down in your appointment calendar.

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The truth of the matter is you can absolutely get whatever beauty treatment you need done without necessarily thinking of how you’re going to brave the crazy traffic and find your way across town to a beauty salon, thanks to the advent of the mobile beauty business.

There is nothing that screams convenience like a mobile, on-demand, in-house beauty service. Think about it? You don’t have to spend a fortune on baby sitters for the kids; neither do you have to worry about driving when you’re fatigued from the activities of the day. Wouldn’t it be more fun and convenient to just pick up the phone and call for a hair stylist or manicurist? If you can order a hot dog or pizza with just a phone call, why shouldn’t you be able to access a makeup artist as well?

Another advantage of using a mobile beauty service is the fact that they are most often more pocket-friendly and this is why; mobile beauty services usually have low startup costs, they do not have to worry about rent or bills. The focus is mostly on fuel and restocking their kits and probably renewal of licences in some areas. The result therefore is that all these extra expenses do not find their way to the final bill for their clients.

In addition to that, you would find that the services are much more personalised because there is constant rapport between the provider of the service and their clients. The value of this is evident in the free beauty tips you would often get from the provider of the service.

Tips such as using a lighter shade of foundation to highlight the brows instead of a concealer, baking your foundation with a loose powder so it sets properly, placing the handle of your eye shadow brush behind your eyelids while applying mascara to prevent staining…all these and more are some of the beauty tips that a one-on-one relationship with a mobile beauty service provider will afford you.

There is also the fact that some beauty treatments are much more comfortable to have at home; case in point the bikini-wax. These are just but a few benefits of having a mobile beauty service provider come pay you a visit at home.