Pedicure services at home


 Pedicures are an integral part of beauty grooming for women. They are intensely enjoyable and also make your feet look cleaner and more beautiful. However, one often needs to pay intense amounts at the parlor to get a good pedicure. If you want to save on the money though, you can consider home pedicure service. Here we tell you the easiest way to go about it.

Above all thing that you need to get started with your pedicure at home is to get all the necessary pedicure tools. There are plethora of tools that can help you get the desired parlor like pedicure. Some of the must have pedicure tools are orange wood stick, nail brush, buffer, nail clippers, hand and cuticle cream. In addition you may also require a nail paint remover and cotton ball if you really have a nail paint applied. Along side, you also should have a bowl of warm and soapy water. Ensure that a few drops of lemon juice and olive oil are added to this water. You can consider keeping some further stuff like a foot pumice and an antimicrobial base coat. If you want to switch the nail paint, keep the nail paint along with the top coat handy.

When you have gathered all the equipment, you require start off by removing your old nail paint. Make sure that no trace of the nail paint is left. Work more towards the sides of the nails as the paint has a tendency to stick on in these areas.

Some have calluses on the toes or ridged nails. If you are one of them then delicate buffing of the nails would be required. Ensure that you do not go mad with this one. Tiny and gentle buffing is all that’s needed.

Next, soak you feet in the warm bowl of soap water that you’ve kept handy. You need to keep your feet submerged in the liquid for a minimum of 10-15 minutes. It will help soften the cuticles and loosen the dirt that could be sticking to your nails. Then exfoliate your skin delicately with a nail brush and carefully get rid of any residue dirt particles or dead skin cells.

An orange wood stick could be used to get rid of any kind of dirt that’s still sticking under the nails. Once you are done cleaning your nails, trim them to the right length. Make sure that you do not trim your nails too short.

After you’ve finished buffing and cleaning your nails, treat your feet to some much wanted moisturizer. Apply your favorite body lotion or hand cream to your feet and massage it in. Keep going with the massage for at least two to three minutes, allowing your feet to take in the moisture correctly. Then finish off your pedicure by applying your preferred nail paint to your nails.

Simply adhering to these pointers may help you get a pedicure as professional as any you may get at a parlor. Your feet will be clean, smooth and fascinating without you having to scorch a hole through your wallet.